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That’s all I know about that… wish me luck!

Okay, I’ll be serious. (ignore the first paragraph if you can’t read)

As promised, my latest novel will be reduced to $3.99 (US, also at Amazon.co.uk)  for the Holiday season.  MURDER RED INK

If you know someone into psychological thrillers DO NOT MISS THIS ONE. Plus, if you’re in the UK, hurry and beat that mean old VATS slap. It’s a SLASHING good deal. YES You can gift it! If you buy someone the paperback please email me and I’ll do something special for you. mordymcghee@Comcast.net

What the heck, Mord? Why am I reading a blog infomercial?

Geesh, you folks don’t miss a thing, do you? So… I began this new tradition for the holidays about four-five years ago. I arrange to have a Saturday or Sunday where my family can gather in the cold, icy fingers of the city of Pittsburgh and ride bikes in our dedicated bike lanes (that cause traffic jams for the cars but are super-luxurious and empty for us)!

WHAT? IT’S TOO COLD AND MISERABLE TO RIDE BIKES IN #PITTSBURGH 8 months out of the year? Oh yeah. That’s true. But the empty bike lanes were a fun subject to joke about… 

So anyway, back to traditional holiday moments. So we gather there and visit the gingerbread houses and Santas from around the world at Wintergarden PPG Place, treat ourselves to overpriced coffee and enormous chocolate chip cookies, watch the horse-drawn carriages, stroll through the Christmas Village in Market Square, then jaunt over to the Byham Theatre for A Musical Christmas Carol. This year something special was added and we were each able to survive the family moment…

…sort of.

If anyone else is interested in creating a tradition for your family I have some advice… I did say it was a How-To. If you are annoyed by everything your family does and says, please skip ahead to the end. If not here are a few tips:

  • Avoid talking about ANYTHING except How nice it is to all be together. For example: no traffic, no news, no holiday plans, no Tom Atkins trivia, no work related stuff, no sports, no plans for Christmas morning, no … well, you get the idea. (ATTN fellow authors: NO TALKING ABOUT BOOKS!!!! THEY ALWAYS ASK, “SO HOW ARE BOOK SALES?” DO NOT BE BAITED!)
  • Avoid eating, drinking, sitting, standing, and anything else in between. For example: no moving chairs and tables to accommodate everyone, no standing around and looking cold, no mentioning restaurants or coffee shops or wondering how to slip away. Just don’t, trust me on this one.
  • Last tip in the interest of brevity: Aspirin and alcohol. I know they say there’re things you can’t mix. To survive the holidays throw all that health crap right out the window. Eat (pills) Drink (something strong and quick) and be Merry (and quiet! nothing worse than starting a conversation around the holidays)!

TO SUM UP AND WELCOME EVERYONE WHO DECIDED TO SKIP THE TRADITION AND FAMILY PORTION… Jack the Ripper’s Sandcastle will be on Holiday for the next few weeks. I’ll see you on #MondayBlogs after the New Year

May every one of you (yes, even you…) have a wonderful holiday season. May fortune shine bright upon your life and may hope be given in plenty.

Yours truly,