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The holidays are over. Whether or not I survived is debatable.

So hit the >> button on your remote control and let’s review some movies I was able to see in the last few weeks. Some are new, some on demand. Five stars for the big screen version of INTO THE WOODS, a musical I’d yet to stay awake through. In all fairness, it was never live theatre but it was a theatre on dvd version. Next up BLACK WATER CREEK: The Legend of Sasquatch, sorry boys I won’t give a review despite being a sucker for the subject matter. I made it four minutes into the movie before <click>. THE MUPPETS:Most Wanted FIVE Fozzie bears! From the “sequel” music sequence to the “lemur” ending I was in love with Kermie and the gang all over again. Last but not least THE HOBBIT:BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES. Maybe you didn’t like the bunny sled or made up love plots…. I don’t care. FIVE dead orcs for the conclusion. Sure it’s a fantasy based loosely on the Hobbit and I don’t give a darn. I’d love to see a special dvd edition that has “less” material and 1 disc. Cut out some of the silly from the three and make 1 fluid and awesome 4 hours movie.

See what I did there?

House McGhee hates snow

House McGhee hates snow

I create fiction and books are subject to reader reviews.

I don’t take reviews to heart like I did when I first began this journey but I still read them from time to time just to touch base with what people want in their respective reading habits. Since I work by word of mouth for a small press I have the luxury of deciding what I want to add or not add. I have presented a vision of 5 novels that redefine the idea behind what science fiction, fantasy, and horror can be and my publisher has given a green light. That’s it. But I take it all with a grain of salt because good writing is polarizing. It tweaks emotion and gets juices flowing. It also misses expectations and sometimes surpasses them too. I have been quoted in print with two missions: No Scooby Do moments and No Holding Back.

I appreciate your feedback whether you “get it” or not… Whether you “like it” or not…  whether you think I do or not.

On a last note:

WINTER IS EFFING COMING AND I’M NOT HAPPY! Snow hurts my bones and wreaks havoc on my heart and head. Well, I’m looking out the window. It’s here.