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GoTWT Balrog Hope Turn In screenshot26

It may not be what you think it means. Gamer is a very loose generalization. What I am is an active player of two online MMORPG’s. That stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. To hit a related point early…


There are plenty of folks out there that do that type of writing in quality ways. I don’t. Have I used dice and played rpgs in the past? Yes. Although, to be truthful I was almost always the master of the game and came with a briefcase of my own material adapted to someone else’s rules. (We’re also talking about a couple of decades in the past).

What I DO write is captured nicely in a new comment given to me by TSPRess:

This is us. This is YOUR world. This is OUR FUTURE. He is Mord McGhee. READ and experience.

That’s pretty cool to me. It hits the mark because I like to think I envision changes that will come and let the people in the scene tell the story. SO…. what do I mean when I have admitted to being a Gamer?

I play Lord of the Rings Online (Currently on the Landroval and Arkenstone Servers) and I play The Secret World (On all three servers that I know about).

I don’t broadcast toons (the characters), nor do I  sell books there. I play because I love the games. I love the communities. I love the worlds. If you run into me and figure it out that’s cool. I have a bunch of great friends, many of which are in the LOTRO pic above. In the past I’ve been active on the original Guild Wars and on Meridian59 (arguably the first MMO and still ground-breaking in  the mid 90s). I am always up for giving them props to immersive and fun environments but I’ll leave the “worlds” they use to J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft.

For me, I’ve promised to eliminate “Scooby-do” villains and moments and provide realistic visions of scifi terror and fantasy that damned well could be on our horizon.

It is NOT dystopian to think history will repeat itself.

After all it is OUR FUTURE.