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I took a third job.

It’s going to cut into time that wasn’t there to begin with.

No big deal, but the blog might be the place that suffers. I’m cutting back to blog once a month, maybe bi-monthly. It’s not because I don’t have material to talk about. I spent today in a Three Stooges marathon… I found out I didn’t like the Abbott and Costello TV show as much as I like their movies (because of rerun MeTV), I discovered Svengooli and his dumb horror movie theatre show (which is the sort of thing I love)… I have a 3 day convention appearance in March called HorrorRealmcon.com ‘s “Spring Break Massacre.” I’m reading Under the Dome and writing a horror television commentary for THE HORROR WITHIN MAGAZINE…

Blah blah b-lah.

So you see, I’ve crap to blog about. But I’m going to get real a moment. I see blog notifications ALL the time with people who have crap to talk about. I’ll be honest, I send them to the recycle bin most of the time. Not because it’s not interesting. BECAUSE THERE IS SUCH A THING AS TOO MUCH BLOGGING.

So… as it is now, I blog upon whim without a schedule. I’ll be choosier about the crap I discuss.

To update a few things on the writing side of things:

  1. 2 winners were chosen by goodreads.com and both are from the UK.
  2. OFAH first refine is nearing completion. The characters have told me the whole story and now I need to capture the moment. This is my first fantasy novel and as my other work is proof I am rethinking the entire fantasy thing…
  3. AN “official Mord-McGheeniverse” timeline has been produced and given to the publisher TSPress. It may be included in the sequel to Ghosts of San Francisco. The sequel to Ghosts of San Francisco has a rough draft at 50% and a title…
  4. THE HORROR WITHIN upstarts in May…. my article has been completed and attached to a Pony Express messenger.
  5. Swag for the conventions is here.
  6. I’M READY FOR SUMMER! Winter can bite my…

That’s enough. Follow the blog if you like it, don’t if you don’t.

The camera pulls back… Jack scrapes the sand into a pyramid shape. The tide brushes against his leg and he crawls back a few steps. He turns, scratches a symbol into the triangular pile of sand. It’s two “M”s. The blade leaves a streak of red in the cuts. The tide pulls away and Jack swears he sees something move offshore. It has the head of a horse and the neck of a dinosaur…

…his head tilts to the side. The mysteries of his sandbox elude him.