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I’ll keep it short and sweet. Pittsburgh’s Horror Realm Con invited me to their Spring Break Massacre. I’ll post some pictures at the end of the blog and sum the experience up with one word: HOLYSHITWASTHATAFUNTIMEANDTHEPEOPLETHEREWERESOTALENETEDITBLEWMEAWAY

Well, it’s a word…

I found out that the horror community is one of the coolest group of folks that ever lived. MURDER RED INK is the first thing I’ve done in the scary book category and I was new to the floor. Now, after having attended and being in the presence of greatness… I’m humbled, honored, and grateful for the invitation.

I won’t name drop but I have special thanks for Felissa, Tiffany, Derek, Sean, John, George, Cheryl, Paul, Angela, Stacie, Chey, Larry, Bob, Macabre, Russ, Tony, Rose, Mike, Tom, Dan, Z.Santa, The HRC organizers, Angela’s Mom, ToeTag, TSPress for forcing me to go, Dawn, my table workers and fans, McGhee’s Maniacs that provided some pics to me, the Jagoffs, and ANYONE that was nice (you know who ya’ll are).

I’m a karma guy. I believe in good. What comes around goes around.

Dropping Payload is a story that is slated to be published and appear in the March 12, 2015 Issue of Perihelion Magazine. Scifi readers will find it free. I’ve been reading it for two months now. Excellent magazine.

And one last thought (again not naming names), F-U to my TV content provider for taking away my beloved “It’s Alive Show.” It’s a small world and somehow I was lucky enough to hang out for a few minutes with Hellga (a pic below’s been photo-shopped so that I’m smiling, because I’m a frownie sometimes) and Doug from the show. Though I haven’t been able to watch it on Saturday nights for years now, I retain my passion for this local Pittsburgh chiller theatre. I still listen to “Me Love” and “Make Way” by Deathmobile to “get into the horror mood” sometimes.

That’s all I got. Enjoy the pics from Pittsburgh. And for a bit more, I posted a video on instagram too. It let’s you see what the world thinks of writers FOR REAL. I didn’t even pretend to think I did anything worth while and still got kung-fu’d.

And I apologize, I didn’t get enough pictures because Pittsburgh kept us rocking!

PS.  “M is for Matchmaker” on you tube. Watch this 3 minute gem with some of my favorite people. Not for the squeamish but DEFINITELY for the screamish!

"They're Dead. They're all messed up!" The Sheriff from Night of the Living Dead, George Kosana

“They’re Dead. They’re all messed up!” The Sheriff from Night of the Living Dead, George Kosana

Hellga from It's Alive and my photoshopped smile

Hellga from It’s Alive and my photoshopped smile

The Great John Russo

The Great John Russo

HorrorRealmConMarch8_2015EndOfCon - Copy

The end of the con. I was fortunate and didn’t have much to tear down.

The amazing @DerekMears , hanging at Horror Realm Con Pittsburgh. 5-6-15

The amazing @DerekMears , hanging at Horror Realm Con Pittsburgh. 5-6-15