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I sat down Saturday night and put the Sci-fi classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK on for my teenaged son to experience for the first time. Here’s a picture in case you forgot good ol’ Snake Pliskin.thMIDM5MKRJohn Carpenter is one of my heroes. I like to think that his brand of horror-laced science fiction is one of the reasons I like to read and watch and write the very type. Let me give a brief introduction to the movie if you haven’t seen it in a while:

A terrorist (homegrown, working for a group that opposes government oppression) hijacks Airforce One and turns it off its flight path while spewing hate over the airwaves from the cockpit. Then the terrorist flies the plane straight at Manhattan… into the building next to the World Trade Center. The President of the United States was on board and managed to escape. The race begins.

The bad guys find him first. Oh yeah, I guess now that we’ve gotten past the shocking, eerie similarity to September 11, 2001… I should tell you that in the movie Manhattan was turned into a wall-encased, free roaming prison in 1988. It flashes forward way into the future; 1997. The government goes to extreme measure to rescue the President and a mysterious briefcase handcuffed to him. The extreme measure is a wild man named Snake Pliskin. The movie holds up despite the setting and technology looking a bit dated to my teenaged son in 2015. Now SNAKE PLISKIN… he’s an anti-hero that still rocks. Snake lands on top of the World Trade Center and all s%&t hits the fan.

I’ll end my blog for this Monday with a promotional movie poster from the 1981 release of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK so that you can visit an old friend, just like I did. I remember it like yesterday, not the movie… 9-11.thM9X6TUV5