iTunes has proven an unbendable barrier for my publisher. He hasn’t been well yet has remained steadfast at moving forward with the upcoming projects from his most annoying writer…. me. BUT- NOOK version of MURDER RED INK has been established, watch for your copy of this redesigned cover and flow novel. Available possibly later in the week on Barnes and Noble’s stores/sites.


Loved Jurassic World, but I AM an overgrown child that prefers playing with plastic dinosaurs all day long to any form of production. While we’re on the subject of movies, my first screenplay has been commissioned and begins production in the summer of 2015! If you’ve ever wanted to be in a murder/horror serial killer movie there should be opportunities. If you live in the Cleveland area watch for open calls for “DEADLINE.” Drake Productions, to be specific. There are subtle shoutouts  throughout the script to the MCGHEE scifi-horror world. Not sure what will and won’t make it to the screen. You will be freaked out, terrified, and bloodcurdled. The script was based on an original short by Roger Priebe.

Last but not least, in the gap between screenplay and the first editorial weep of OLD FLAMES AND HEROES (a fantasy novel coming from TS PRESS fall 2015), I was able to pen four shorts. Hoping to announce where and when they’ll appear.


As always, all literature in my world is connected by dark crimson threads… for those of you that choose to follow them into the shadows (or they can be completely standalone). MURDER RED INK fans will certainly find FEINBERG of particular interest. A place known as “the final” to its death row population.


THE HORROR WITHIN magazine launch is as imminent as the Cthulhian apocalypse…

in my first few columns I tackled some season ones…..

For now, don’t say I didn’t warn you about the nightmares,

Yours truly,

Mord the Writer

NOOK cover of Murder Red Ink by Mord McGhee.

NOOK cover of Murder Red Ink by Mord McGhee.