Traditional Holiday Moments: How To Survive Your Family This Season… and GIFTING EBOOKS


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That’s all I know about that… wish me luck!

Okay, I’ll be serious. (ignore the first paragraph if you can’t read)

As promised, my latest novel will be reduced to $3.99 (US, also at  for the Holiday season.  MURDER RED INK

If you know someone into psychological thrillers DO NOT MISS THIS ONE. Plus, if you’re in the UK, hurry and beat that mean old VATS slap. It’s a SLASHING good deal. YES You can gift it! If you buy someone the paperback please email me and I’ll do something special for you.

What the heck, Mord? Why am I reading a blog infomercial?

Geesh, you folks don’t miss a thing, do you? So… I began this new tradition for the holidays about four-five years ago. I arrange to have a Saturday or Sunday where my family can gather in the cold, icy fingers of the city of Pittsburgh and ride bikes in our dedicated bike lanes (that cause traffic jams for the cars but are super-luxurious and empty for us)!

WHAT? IT’S TOO COLD AND MISERABLE TO RIDE BIKES IN #PITTSBURGH 8 months out of the year? Oh yeah. That’s true. But the empty bike lanes were a fun subject to joke about… 

So anyway, back to traditional holiday moments. So we gather there and visit the gingerbread houses and Santas from around the world at Wintergarden PPG Place, treat ourselves to overpriced coffee and enormous chocolate chip cookies, watch the horse-drawn carriages, stroll through the Christmas Village in Market Square, then jaunt over to the Byham Theatre for A Musical Christmas Carol. This year something special was added and we were each able to survive the family moment…

…sort of.

If anyone else is interested in creating a tradition for your family I have some advice… I did say it was a How-To. If you are annoyed by everything your family does and says, please skip ahead to the end. If not here are a few tips:

  • Avoid talking about ANYTHING except How nice it is to all be together. For example: no traffic, no news, no holiday plans, no Tom Atkins trivia, no work related stuff, no sports, no plans for Christmas morning, no … well, you get the idea. (ATTN fellow authors: NO TALKING ABOUT BOOKS!!!! THEY ALWAYS ASK, “SO HOW ARE BOOK SALES?” DO NOT BE BAITED!)
  • Avoid eating, drinking, sitting, standing, and anything else in between. For example: no moving chairs and tables to accommodate everyone, no standing around and looking cold, no mentioning restaurants or coffee shops or wondering how to slip away. Just don’t, trust me on this one.
  • Last tip in the interest of brevity: Aspirin and alcohol. I know they say there’re things you can’t mix. To survive the holidays throw all that health crap right out the window. Eat (pills) Drink (something strong and quick) and be Merry (and quiet! nothing worse than starting a conversation around the holidays)!

TO SUM UP AND WELCOME EVERYONE WHO DECIDED TO SKIP THE TRADITION AND FAMILY PORTION… Jack the Ripper’s Sandcastle will be on Holiday for the next few weeks. I’ll see you on #MondayBlogs after the New Year

May every one of you (yes, even you…) have a wonderful holiday season. May fortune shine bright upon your life and may hope be given in plenty.

Yours truly,




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heartRed Tuesday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. This is the last of all three, today being #MondayBlog  as well. So what does one blog about on Cyber Monday? I could choose the “Hands up, don’t shoot” show of support by St. Louis NFL players. I could mention disappointment that the players chose to not perform a similar spectacle to show support for domestic violence victims. I could talk about umpteen subjects on the news, each heavy and requiring much thought.


WELL, I’m thumbing my nose at the heavy and pertinent! 

If you haven’t gone away on a retreat, spiritual… mental… health, etc. This time of year is highly recommended. It does the mind, body, and soul something wonderful to just chill. I was lucky enough to be trapped in a small retired monastery on a lake with a loved one. We had no choice but to sit, catch up, play board games like CLUE, 80S TRIVIAL PURSUIT, YAHTZEE and FARKLE… and play in the snow. We laughed and our game of chess ended up with the pieces forming a heart. If only all games, and the conflicts such as Chess, ended in LOVE…

The snow storm is over and now we’re left with the cold November rain.

That is all.

Now hug and kiss…

I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo. What the Hell am I doin’ here?


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Yes, that is a chorus from the song Creep by Radiohead. Why?
First off…. MORDMCGHEE.COM is up and running.
Now, this is why.
There was a commercial made where I performed the song in a Jack the Ripper costume as man + acoustic guitar…
I didn’t like the finished product and the ad was cancelled.
What’s the point?
Well… I guess there is no real point.
I’m that kinda dude.
So I am going to just convey how relieved I am to finish my new book “MURDER RED INK.”
It’s a good book. That’s what they tell me.
Here’s the blurb from a world reknowned scifi best-selling author:
“Intense, graphic, and provocative. The psychological thriller has a new voice and it is MORD MCGHEE.”
–STEVE ALTEN, NYTimes best-selling author of MEG & THE LOCH
Great, right? So what’s up, Mord?
That being said, I stand by my motto:
“It’s not dystopia to think that history will repeat itself.”
I’ll add a new one…
“Remember the past so you don’t forget the future.”
When all is said and done I’m looking forward to the change of pace coming with my next project.
And I want to add a little secret just for you…
2015 will see another book release from Mord McGhee. This one is a bit of a surprise…
Here’s the cover art for my Nov. 25th 2014 release of MURDER RED INK


You’re in for a shock… you’re in for surpise


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Murder Red Ink is done.

Everything you know about Jack the Ripper is about to be sliced from ear to ear.

That being said… let me poke a little fun at myself. I spent Saturday with my son and wife making a bloopers reel of video takes trying to make a cool and creepy promo to put on a fan page as a freebie for Halloween. Well, we laughed. A LOT.

We had a camera slip and flip, songs play that didn’t match, chipmunk speed instead of fade out, guitar string snappage, impossible lighting combination, invisible lights, networking issues… YOU NAME IT.

End result, I’ll leave it where it is. But I am still going ahead with the primary plan to put something unique on the fansite for a few days on Halloween. It’s cool and will give something different to consider while waiting for the copies to hit the stores.

Advanced Reader Copies have been ordered by TSPress.

Hopefully a date for shelf is next.

Anyway, I’ve been having a good time with Lotro’s Fall Festival.

See you in the shadows of Murder Red Ink!


Yeah Yeah, it’s been a while since I could look at myself straight


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Blogs…. who reads them? I’m not going to waste your time. Fast and to the point: “Murder Red Ink” is in its final stages but the date can’t be pinned down as of yet. In the mean time the fantasy book is under way with a working premise….

…but then today the plot of Tales of Eclipse Vol2 hit me out of the blue. So now both are underway. Please like to keep up on the news.

I love this time of the year because it’s not snowing and it’s not super hot. But winter is coming…

…and winter here SUCKS. We should all band together and drive it back into the sea. Oh, speaking of the sea…. wouldn’t it be a blast to watch Saucy Jack build a sandcastle? In a kingdom by the sea….

Promising more regular blogs…

ps. If you are new to the blog or my fiction…. EVERYTHING I write is linked in one way or another. It won’t be easy to figure out but it’s there. My science fiction is a living, breathing realm that is dictated by the characters.

America’s Loch Ness Monster… The Funnest Town in the USA… The Baseball Hall of Fame… and the power of NIAGARA


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Mord at Niagara Falls on the Maid of the Mist

Mord at Niagara Falls on the Maid of the Mist

Okay, wow…. I have a ton of ground to cover and need to keep in short in the interest of … well, maintaining your INTEREST.
Covering ground is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last month.
ROAD trip….!!!
Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Mord, you just got back from the Outer Banks, NC.


But we hit the road again last week.
It is that time of year we here at the McGhee household call “our birthday month.”
The stops this time included Niagara Falls NY, Lewiston NY, Olcott NY, Rochester NY (and that sneaky seasonal bridge), Sodus Point NY, Port Henry NY, Lake Champlain NY and VT, Middlebury VT, West Addison VT (and the awesome Champ’s Trading Post), Cooperstown NY, Corning NY, and Grove City PA. There were more but I’m just listing off the top of my head.
I did everything from Walk with Dinosaurs, sing along with Cats, descend into the raw power of the Falls via the Cave of the Winds and the Maid of the Mist, listened to Heart play a concert pounding through Lewiston, hiked 60 miles, ate a Man vs. Food item at the Silo, found amazing ale soup at Two Brother’s Tavern, hunted for “Champ” the lake monster, geeked out and watched Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First” at the Baseball Hall of Fame, picked our own Raspberries and cherries, ate Vermont cheese and ice cream, got buzzed on Otter Creek, Magic Hat, and Woodchuck, met some science fiction fans along the historic Niagara highway, and so much more.
I have TONS of pictures to go through, but I’ll post a couple here for now before I digest it all.
A side note , the trip was also a live action glimpse of the road, in the name of building the background to my first Fantasy title which will be the third book by Mord McGhee!

A glass spider at the Corning Museum of Glass

A glass spider at the Corning Museum of Glass

The sightings board, Port Henry/Moriah

The sightings board, Port Henry/Moriah

Who's on first? I don't know...

Who’s on first? I don’t know…

Fake Blood… Flea Markets… Insomnia “Brainstorm” Notes What the Heck Mordy!?

Beer n Blogs
That’s a bunch of words crammed into one title, isn’t it?
What the Hell are you thinking, Mord? I often ask myself…
Well, to be truthful, I’m thinking about the incredible luck I experienced this past Sunday.
For months, I have been looking for a few specific items related to the upcoming release of “Murder Red Ink.” (2015 from Tatersquatch Press)
SUNDAY- Not only did I find the perfect items… I found multiples of said goodies! My wife also found the most amazing child record read-a-long books! She squealed when she heard Tinkerbell ring the “page turning tinkle sound.” That was worth the whole trip by itself.
So naturally, I immediately purchased 1 lb. of fake blood. (Like ya do.)
Ok Ok Ok, now you might be thinking whoa… you lost me.
So, I keep a notebook. I jot down the brainstorms as they hit me. Usually, I type with such fervor that the notes end up fractured and mashed in with other thoughts on different pages. Gems like “Bigfoot eats a lemon” and “LSD cereal.” Oh come on, you know what I mean… I’d say 50% whacky. 25% silly. and 25% useful.
From chaos: Order (yeah right.)
How is that relevant? It’s not. I just like to laugh at myself and some of the dumb stuff I write down at 3 A.M.
There you have a #MondayBlogs from an author that is having a good quill day.
It is titled Thoughts of an Author, so it is what it is.

“It’s not dystopia to think that history will repeat itself.”~Mord McGhee



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Coffee comes in so many tones and flavors that I forget how varied our palates can be.

Bitter is bitter, right? Not really. My wife would say, “Pbftftftft. Bitter, ick!”

Heh, I get it.

To each their own, but I love me some #coffee. It surprises me when someone takes a sip of what I thought was the perfect cup, then pours it down the drain while crinkling their nose.  But the coffee houses… we can all agree, I think, that they are great places to work, read, sip, laugh, people watch, and make new friends. By the way, thank you to the shops in Duck and Corolla NC that fueled a fair amount of my next novel, “Murder Red Ink.”

We took a tour in a Hum-V to see the Wild Spanish Horses. I’m still finding sand a week later, but well worth it. I will be doing it again and I think I need to become a full time “Islander.” No need to mention the quote from “Jaws.” I know the rules and don’t care.

The ocean is in my soul and always has been. Even the part where the sharks bite.

And that brings me around to the final point…. Edgar Allen Poe and his poem, “The Bells.”

Here is an excerpt that ties into a personalized copy I donated to the summer reading library where we stayed. I wrote a poem using this as inspiration.

 “Hear the mellow wedding bells Golden bells! What a world of happiness their harmony foretells! Through the balmy air of night How they ring out their delight! To the swinging and the ringing Of the bells, bells, bells, Of the bells, bells, bells, bells, Bells, bells, bells– To the rhyming and the chiming of the bells!”~E.A.Poe

Mine was crap compared to Poe’s masterpiece. I can’t even imagine how much good Poe could have done for the literary world had he had the tools available today for his craft. So I’m raising this mug of coffee to you Ed. May your ghost find the prosperity the world never provided for your genius.



Memorial Day… Love… Conventions…


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ImageThis is the gravesite of Jennie Wade. She was the only civilian casualty during the Battle of Gettysburg. For a Memorial Day blog, I can’t think of a better picture. I’ve been told my #Mondayblogs have been a bit solemn… maybe that’s true. Let me change the flow early on…


Despite the odds and being born on opposite ends of the USA we met five years ago this weekend… and now the anniversary is official. We had a wonderful ceremony and after dinner, then a follow up celebration for my side of the family on Sunday. We head to meet her side of the family next week to celebrate with them (and also the 25th Anniversary of her parents!)

The picnic put a whooping on us and today we opted to recover. Naps, movies, and cuddling.

We did learn about the Pun-fest in Austin, TX. That sounds like fun… hours of eye-rolling dad jokes.

OK, lastly… I am being tempted by conventions. I have had very little luck with social media translating into sales. I’m not sure how to generate more interest. I wonder if sitting at conventions can help me achieve the lifelong dream?

Beats me… ah well, back to writing. See you in two weeks!